Sacred Fire Healing Lodge  
Located in Eel River Bar, NB
Glenda Wysote-LaBillois, RSW, MSW

The Sacred Fire Lodge promotes and encourages healthy and balanced living. The Sacred Fire Healing Lodge will provide you with tools to heal the body, mind and spirit. A combination of Western and Traditional Mi’gmaq Medicine, you will experience a unique cultural world. Eel River Bar sunrise

At the Healing Lodge you will have the opportunity to attend sacred ceremonies, participate in talking circles and welcome the new day with a sunrise ceremony. Individual family and group counselling services. At the Sacred Fire Healing Lodge, counselling services are available in Mi’gmaq and English.

As a Registered Social Worker, I focuses on improving functioning and affirming strengths. You will explore your feelings; learn how to cope with stress, crisis or life changing circumstances. I believe our people deserve to have the best care in Mental and Health wellbeing; I strive to provide the utmost quality care and make sure each individual is comfortable and feel safe.